Painstaking but rewarding. 艰苦卓绝但富有成效。

本篇模板汇总内容为备战考研时的笔记,考研时用了感觉还不错。所有内容来自微博 @薛非英语,感谢您!




  • Dear teacher
  • Dear Mr. / Ms. 姓
  • Dear 名
  • Dear Sir/Madam 不辨雌雄
  • Dear可替换为You Esteemed
  • To whom It May concern 给相关人士,一般放在投诉信中
  • Dear后面有 ,
  • 结尾处Yours sincerely后面也有,
  • 时间:月.日,年
    • Dec. 23, 2018
    • 注意五月May后面不需要加.


  • 表明身份(不熟悉):I’m XX + 定语. I’m writing the letter to do sth
  • 表明立场(熟悉):I feel XX when I learned that ... I’m writing the letter to do sth


  • I’m full of gratitude for your taking time from your busy schedule and read my letter. I’m looking forward to you (favorable) reply at your earliest convenience.


To Whom It May Concern, I am a [电子产品、日常用品] user of your product / [食物] cuntomer of your store / resident in XX community. I'm writing to inform you my dissatisfaction with your product / your service / the noise. The focus of my complaint is as follows: On the one hand, (三选一:[产品]the product has been found of poor quality / mutilated(残缺的) since the day I bought it; [服务]I had waited for an unbearably long time until I received the service / the package(包裹); [环境] have been tortured by the XX day and night for a long time). On the other, my previous repetitive(反复的) complaints seemed to have aroused little attention. I feel disappointed, so I demand that the problem (should) be solved as soon as possible. I would appreciate it if you could take this matter into serious consideration and make efforts to prevent it in the futur before I take further action. I'm looking forward to your early reply. yours sincerely, Li Ming


Dear XXX, There will be a 活动 held by 举办单位. As you are a close friend of ours / an expert in this field, we would be pleased to have you join us as an honored guest(嘉宾) / a visting professor(客座教授) / a judeg(评委/裁判) of the contest. The activity will be held in 地点 at 时刻 on 日期, inluding the items as follows: First, we'll conduct a discussion(整体意思为discuss) on some heated(热点的) / interesting / professional topics concerning XX / surfaced recently. Then we will enjoy an excellent show / contest / lecture(讲座) presented by some brilliant students / teachers. After that, we will go on to have a taste of some typical local delicacies(当地的美食) and feast(盛宴) our eyes on the spectacular scenery of our campus(学校). I'm sure we'll have a good time then. I look forward to your favorable reply(肯定的答复), and your presence will bring us real(可替换special) honor. Please let us know your decision at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration. Respectfully yours, Li Ming

  • 举办单位
    • 学生会 Students’ Union
    • XX院 Department of XX
    • XX协会 XX association / club
  • 地点
    • gym
    • auditorium 大礼堂
  • 事件
    • graduation ceremony 毕业典礼



Dear XXX, [拒绝信开头]I'm Li Ming writing on receipt of your letter on 日期. I really appreciate(感激) your cordial(=sincere) offer of the opsition as XXX. [辞职信开头]I'm Li Ming working as a XX in your company. I really appreciate the opportunity to have worked with such an extraordinary group. I'm quite reluctant(不情愿的) to inform you that I won't be avaliable for the job / activity because recently I have been offered a chance to pursue further study in Harvard University, which I can by no means(绝不) afford to miss. What's more, I found that this is not what my insterest lies in or I'm good at, so it would be unwise for me to keep on doing / accept it. Worse still, I was assigned(被指派) an urgent task in preparation for the 70th anniversary of our university, which deprives me of the time and energy to accept the offer / work for you. Again, I would like to apologize for having to decline your kind offer / resign from the post. I will you and XX company / university continued success in the future. Respectfully yours, Li Ming



You Esteemed XXX, In reply to your(公司) / sb's request(受推荐的人), I am delighted to have the privilege to write the recommendation in honor of him / her. Several qualities, as far as I am concerned, make him / her an ideal candidate. First and foremost, during my work / study with sb, I was quite impressed by his inexhaustible innovation dieas and profound insight into the relevant field. What's more, he always finishes his task with remarkable diligence and punctuality, a quite praiseworthy quality for the young generation, Last but not the least, I'm sure that he will adapt to the new environment soon because he is known to be an outgoing and cooperative person. I give him / her my highest recommendations without reservation and I am convinced that he / she will never let you down. I would be ready to answer any additional questions you may have. Respectfully yours, Li Ming

  • deligence 贫乏
  • diligence 勤奋/勤勉


Dear XXX, In reply to your request for recommending a book / movie / tourist attraction / special food / song / activity ... of quality. I have great pleasure to introduce XXX. Several quslities, as far as I am concerned, account for why XX is on the top of my list. First and foremost, it boasts(骄傲地拥有) tremendous artistic / historical / academic / practical / nutritional value which can rarely be found in others of its kind. Plus, you can also get a glimpse(简要地瞅一眼) of XX(中国/建筑) culture after enjoying it because of its abundant native elements peculiar(特有的) to China / American ... Still, it also helps to enlarge your circle of friends / practice your Chinese / English because you will definitely come across various people with sililar interests / idiomatic expressions(地道地表达) during the process. I give it my highest recommendations without reservation(保留) and I am sure that you will love it. I would be pleased to answer any additional questions you may have. Respectfully yours, Li Ming

  • 词汇
    • aesthetic 美学的


Dear XXX, (On behalf of XX, ) I'm writing this letter to express my heartfelt(sincere) gratitude(感激) for your proceless(弥足珍贵的) help during 某项活动(正事) / hospotality(热情款待:腐败) my stay in XX(地点). First and foremost, as a direct result of your efforts, I have been able to finish the task thoroughly. It was really kind of you to extend your assistance to me(向我伸出援手). / I was thrilled(开心) with(表原因) entertainment(娱乐,招待) you provided.Without your assistance, I'm afraid, I could not have achieved anything. What impressed me the most was your righteous(正直的), morality(美德) and cheerful personality(乐观的性格). You are really a gem of a person to know(您真是一个珠玉般的人). I hope I have the opportunity of reciprocating(报答). I will fell very honored and pleased if I can help / host you in the near future. I'm looking forward to meeting you next time. Yours sincerely, Li Ming


  • 正事:感谢帮助
  • 腐败:感谢招待


  • reception
  • accommodation
  • entertainment


Dear XX, I'm extremely sorry that 所要抱歉的事情. I am hereby(在此,兹) writing to you with some embarrassment and many apologies. There were several causes leading to the incident(偶然发生的事情) / my fault(我的错误). For a start, before I found the mistake / sth / the time was to limited ...(无法参加会议等), I had been fully engaged in studying / doing an important task / packing my luggage. Thus, everything was to late when I realize what had happened. To make things worse, there was / were few people (buses) / too much traffic / too many people / too much work then and there, which also make it impossible for me to make it up(补救) immediately / apologize in person(当面). Although I tried everything I could, what was doen cannot be undone. I apologized for the trouble I caused to you and assure you that all possible steps will be taken to make it up and to avoid such mistakes happening again. I sincerely hope that you will be able to think in my shoes(理解我的处境) and accept my apology. Yours sincerely, Li Ming


Dear XX, (熟悉的人不用自我介绍,不熟悉的说明我是XXX)It brings me great sorrow to hear of your misfortune. I got the news from XX, and know that it has taken its toll on you(你身上受到了伤害,让你付出了代价). I know it is almost an intrusion(打扰,闯入) to write at a time like this, but I cannot help letting you know that I, as your frind, will be with you. I can imagine the terror(恐惧) / grief(悲伤) / frustration(挫败感) you must feel in such a catastrophe(巨大的灾难), but I hope you will overcome your mishap(灾祸) with your resolute spirit(决心). If there is anyone you need to turn to(向别人求助,需要帮助), I'll be most willing to lend you my ear. Maybe it is also helpful to seek(寻找) for inner tranquility(内心的平静) from peaceful music and regain confidence from inspiring books. I'm sure you will be back on your feet(重新振作起来) in no time(=quickly). If there's anything we can do for you, please feel easy to let us know. My love and thoughts are with you. Yours sincerely, Li Ming



Dear XX, I'm so pleased to learn that .... Please accept my heartiest(最衷心的) congraduations and all good wishes on this milestone(里程碑) in your life. Having always appreciated(欣赏) your commitment(奉献) very much in XXX(学习,工作,研究),I firmly believe that it was only a matter of time before your efforts were rewarded(你的努力迟早会得到回报). Your success speaks well for(证实了) the truth that nothing is impossible for a willing heart(有志者事竟成). What's more, I am also convinced that you will make greater contribution to the country if you stick to what you are doing, put it into practice(付诸实践), and share your experience with those who need it. May you enjoy many more triumphant(欢欣鼓舞的,成功的) days like this! Yours sincerely, Li Ming

May god be with you! 愿上帝与你同在!

You have been admitted to / recruit by / enroll by XX 被XX录取

[第一段]learn that you have make great break through in your work / study



Dear XX, I am pleased to learn that you are going to be a mumber of us soon. On behalf of 某机构, I am writing to offer you some information about XX, which you may find useful in the foreseeable future(不久的将来). The xx is located in the center of your city / campus, with its office on the second floor of a white building. It consists of twenty memebers / a staff(工作人员) of twenty / 数目+sth, almost half of whom / which are from abroad. The function of the staff is analogous(类似于) to that of advisors(顾问), who are supposed to ensure desirable circumstances(理想的环境) for all and organize diverse activities. For more detailed information please check(=refer to 查询) the brochure(手册) attached to this letter. I hope you will find the abovementioned helped. I wish you joy and happiness during your stay here. Yours sincerely, Li Ming

  • assure sb
  • ensure sth



Dear XX, On receipt of your letter of inquiry, I'm delighted and honored to acquaint you with the information about XX (on behalf of 某机构). The association / award / scholarship / regulation / course is oriented(以...为导向) towards students of XX major / from XX(remote) area / with a sound command(牢固的掌握) of 某专业 / difficulty in doing sth, and will provide them with technical / academic / financial support during their study / work. On the other hand, the letter shall(非常肯定地想要。如果前面是第一人称,则是应该) meet the rquirements as follows. First and foremost, they are supposed to be outstanding in their study(学习上足够优秀) / be in real need(真正的贫困). Plus, to ensure desirable result(良好的结果), the students concerned(相关的学生) are supposed to obey relevant(相关的) regulations and to finish the tasks punctually(准时地), or they would take punishment from the former(协会,奖学金等). I hope you will find the abovementioned helpful. I wish you joy and happiness during your stay here. Yours sincerely, Li Ming


Dear XX, I'm a student of 著名的学校, expecting to graduate with a Bachelor's degree this summer. I'm writing to apply for the graduate program(研究生项目) of 学位 of 学校 beginning from fall, 2019 / position of XX as was advertised recently / scholarship for outstanding student in XX专业. (或者用推荐信的套路,把人称改一下) Several Factors, I believe, qualify me for the program / scholarship, Firstly, attached please find my resume(随信附上我的简历) which further expatiates(详细叙述) on my academic attainments(学术造诣) and working experience. What's more, as XX(例如对方的学校等) enjoys remarkable international renown, it has long been a dream of mime to become a member of it. Besides, that I find great interest in the relevant field(对相关领域产生兴趣) also makes me a competent(有能力的) candidate for it. After all, interest if the best teacher. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read my application, and I would appreciate an opportuity for an interview with you. I'm looking forward to your favorable(称赞的,讨人喜欢的) reply. Yours sincerely, Li Ming

  • 学位
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Master’ ~
    • Doctor’s ~
  • apply
    • apply to a foreign university for admission
    • apply to 对象
    • apply for 东西




Dear XX, On receipt of your letter on 日期, I hereby(在此) am writing to give my advice with regard to 事由. xx will be a golden opportunity / golden period of time for you to explore the unknown and broaden your horizon. In this light, you first need to realize that accumulating relevant knowledge would be the first task to ensure success. Secondly, in the foreseeable future, it will be beneficial if you can get along well with your peers(同龄人,周围的人). Still, it is also advisable to familiarize (yourself with )and comply with the regulations there. I hope you will find the above mentioned useful and practical. Thanks for taking your time reading this letter. I wish you all the very best. Yours sincerely, Li Ming



Dear XX, I am sb. of XX university. I'm writing this letter to show my serious concern about and suggestions for 某个问题(the problem that...). It is heartbreaking to see that xx问题is deteriorating / xx问题 has not aroused due attention. To address the problem, 机构, at the first place, is responsible for setting up effective retulations to ensure a sound atmosphere(良好的氛围) for all. Moreover, it is advisable to clutive(树立,培养) among all its members a correct attitude toward service / consumption / environment / health / ... . Last but not the least, it is high time(是时候做...) that the 团体 organized various activities on a regular basis to improve the status quo(改善现状). Thank you for taking your busy schedule to read my letter. I'm eager to witness a speedy solution(快速的解决) of the problem. Yours sincerely, Li Ming



Dear XX, I'm a student of xx学校. As I'll be doing / I am extremely interested in ... .I should(虚拟语气) be grateful if you would kindly provide me with some information concerning... The focus of my question are as follows. First of all, as I'm a student leading an extremely regular life. I'd like to know your general schedule there. Plus, I'm wondering if there is any special requirement or favorable policies(优惠政策) for undergraduates like me. What's more, could you please send me the relevant information / application form / a map / the detailed address of ... , if it is not too much of a bother? Again, I would appreciate your taking time answering my questions. I'm expecting your early reply at your convenience. Yours sincerely, Li Ming



引言——2句……表明身份+表明目的 主体——4句……主题句——分论点1,2,3 结尾——2句……总结句——套话 落款(左下角日期,右下角组织或个人)



LOST / FOUND I am a sb who stayed in 某地 for three days during the Spring Festival. I am writing this letter to ask if anyone has found / lost a wallet. Among all the features of the wallet, the following three are the most noticeable(引人注目的). First of all, it is a medium-sized black leather wallet(可换) with a small logo of prada on it. What's in it includes an ID card, several credit cards and some cash. Needless to say, it mean a lot to me / the owner, and everything woud become a mess without it. It was (most likely寻物的时候要加) left on the table in room 2048. I would be much obliged(=appreciate) the one who found / lost it contact me at 123456. Yours sincerely, Li Ming


XX WANTED A 某活动 is to be held for 目的 / by 主办方+时间. As it is meant to enhance communication between A and B / help those in need(那些需要帮助的人) ... , we are badly in want of XX to ensure that everything would proceed smoothly(一切都进展顺利). First and foremost, applications are supposed to have sound knowledge of the field, thus undergraduates(本科生) of relevant majors are welcome to it. What's more, those who have relevant experience are preferred(更偏重). Still, team spirit, deligence(勤奋), and dedication(献身精神) are some of the prerequisite qualities(预先要求的品质) to guarantee ideal performance(理想的表现). Other requirements include attendance and good oral English(口语). If you are interested and willing to become one of us, please do not hesitate to send your resume to 地址 / contact us before 最后期限.

日期 主办方


WELCOME TO XXX Welcome to XXX! It could serve as a platform to show your outstanding ability and help you develop a range of great skills. You can be involved in a variety of activities including ... . Those after-class could offer you ample opportunities to improve yourselves. First, your active participation is helpful to managing interpersonal relations(人际关系). Second, the activities could raise your level of proficiency(熟练) in XXX. A good command(掌握) of it empowers you to enjoy a great advantage over your peers in competition. You can file a written application to our staff office or email us via abc@163.com. The deadline for entry is 日期. Join us and have fun.

日期 XX club


CONTRIBUTIONS WANTED In this day and age, nothing has aroused more than attention than 征稿主题. In the light of this(鉴于此), 杂志名/组织名 is hereby issuing a call(发布一个号召) for papers on it. All undergraduate students(本科生) are welcome to contribute articles(投稿) as long as they can meet the selection criteria(遴选标准) as follows. First and foremost, the papers must stick to 主题 and topics in relation to it. Moreover, the papers are to be(将来时表规定) written in English within 5,000 words with abstract(n.摘要 adj.抽象的) in Chinese. All papers must be original(原创的) and plagiarism(剽窃=academic theft) shall incur corresponding legal liabilities(招致法律责任). If you are interested, please submit your article before the deadline on 日期, and the contribution fee is rmb 500 per 1,000 words. We are looking forward to your participation!

日期 杂志名


DONATION WANTED It is reported that sb are suffering from (the aftermath) of xx. As they are in bad need of help, 机构 is hereby calling for donation to improve their situation. All forms of contributions are welcome including cash, clothes, books, and so forth(=and the like). The donation will be handled and delivered directly to the needy ones by a professional foundation(基金会). A charity event(慈善义演) is to be helped in the auditorium(礼堂) on our campus on 日期, and donations will be collected and classified on the spot(当场). It is an excellent opportunity to repay the society. With our joint efforts and benevolence, we are bound to make thins better for them.

日期 XX机构


CORRECTION To our great regret, the xx机构 released the wrong information about the time / place / details of sth. We hereby issue the notice of correction. Originally the activity was told to be held on 日期 / sb was claimed to have done sth, but we afterwards learnt that the assembly hall(大礼堂) was still under decoration then / there will not be enough staff available then / we referred to invalid sources(参考了不可靠的信息源头,即信息不可靠), which meant that the initial plan impossible / statement unacceptable. After reaffirmation, we finally decided that xx活动 will be held on 日期 at 地点 / xx is actually xx(题目中给出的更正细节信息). We will be much obliged(感激) if you could spread the information to the people concerned. Again, we must apologize for the dreadful mistake, and we will do everything possible to make up for it. We will be happy to take any further questions(解答问题).

日期 XX机构



To:XX From:XX Date:Jan. 1, 2020 Subject:Xxxxxxx Xxx Xxx Xxx

To:收阅人 From:写信人 Data:时间 Subject:Make up a Plan for a Training As we discussed earlier this week, I agree with you that our faculty(教师) is in urgent need of proficiency(专业度) of multimedia devices in teaching(不能熟练使用多媒体设备). Thus, we need to make up a plan for it. I would like you to design 活动. We had better classify the teachers in groups and put them into the program according to their own levels. Write a brief proposal(建议) about your ideas of the program and present it to us in the meeting of the faculty. The presentation is suppoesd to cover every detail of the project in terms of time, place, and peoplr involved.



Reading Rrport on '书名' Li Ming of Graduate School I have just finished reading "书名" written by sb, and I am writing to report what I have learnt from it. The book can be divided into three parts. The first one gives a brief introduction of the background information and the second one is the body of discussion. In the end, the author puts forward(提出) some convincing conclusions (by pointing out that xx is worth our grave concern). What impressed me the most was the different cultural elements demonstrated(展示) in the discussion and the author's solid command(扎实地掌握) of language. In the end, the work is worthy of our attention in more ways than one. It casts light on the solution of the present issues and the future study of them. Yours sincerely, Li Ming





As is (1 +adv) (2 shown) in the (3 drawing) above

  • 1 adv:graphically(图示地) / vividly(生动地) / symbolically(深刻地) / ironically(讽刺地)
  • 2 depicted / revealed / demonstrated / displayed / illustrated
  • 3 cartoon / picture / sketch(简笔画、素描)



sb (1 ) be doing sth (2 adv)

  • 1

    • faced with XX (a mountain) 面对
      sb in/on ... (例on campus, in tagged coat) 属性
      with sb/sth 介词/分词 (with a bag on his back, with a girl shopping) 便随
  • 2

    • vigorously 起劲地

    • wholeheartedly 全心全意地

    • joyfully 开心地

    • confusedly 迷茫地

    • hesitately 迟疑地

    • helplessly 无助地

    • frustratelly 沮丧地

    • absent-mindedly 三心二意地

      An American girl, in Chinese traditional costume, is smiling sweetly.

      The earth, with a chimney in its mouth, is suffering from lung cancer.(with smoke coming out from mouth)

      Several young people, faced with a table full of delicacies, are playing with their mobile phones concentratedly.

      A man on the left, faced with a spilt(or fallen) bottle, is feeling frustrated because it is alomst empty. On the other hand(万能)/On the contrary(相反)\likewise(相同), another man is feeling quite the opposite, because there is still some left.

      A boy, with his father watching TV, is studying helplessly. On the other hand, another father and his son are studying together. || A father sitting in front of the TV idly(悠闲的), is asking his son to study hard. On the contrary, another father and his son are studying together.

      two tourises faced with 美景, are littering rubbish into the rival.

      There ara a wild range of rubbish / garbage ont the lake of a place of interest, including fruit peel(果皮), one-time-off tablewares(一次性餐具), leftover(剩菜剩饭)

      a woman, with her daughter;s hand in hers, raised the latter thirty years ago. Likewise, ...


there be (1) sth + 介词短语/修饰

如图所示, there used to be a large number of fishes(不同种的鱼,加es) in the sea with only one fishing boat in 1905. On the contrary, the condition in 1995 its quite the opposite.

... , there are a wild range of cultural elements in a hotpot including Buddhism(佛教), Taoism(道教), Confucianism(儒教).


Actually(题目画的明显) / undoubtedly(题目画的隐晦), the drawer depicts a prevalent phenomenon / heated topic, namely, 主题.


  1. 我认为, it is a matter which deserves grave attention.
  2. 我认为, differenct standpoints toward it may lead to results pole apart.
    • 我认为
      • from where I stand
      • as far as I’m concerned



The phenomenon is thought-provoking in more ways than one, among which the following three are of special significance.


First and foremost, that some people are keenly(敏锐地) / not completely aware of the significance(意义) / virtue(优点) / harm(带来的伤害) / whole picture(全貌) of 主题 is the psychological basis that contributes to the phenomenon. After all, it is human nature to pursue self-actualization(自我价值的实现) and public recognition(公众的认可) through their conducts(正面的) / focus only the present interest (convenience / condition)(负面的) / shirk(逃避) all labor and duty if they can(负面的).


In the light of this(因此), numerous individuals, especially the ones from humble backgrounds, become typical beneficiaries / victims(受益者/受害者) in that

  • they are bound to succeed academically / economically(学习上/经济上) more easily with 主题
  • their health / well-being(幸福) / living condition can be improved / at risk with the advent(出现) / absence(缺失) of 主题
  • they are (not) able to enjoy the best that the world can offer because of 主题


  • We have every reason to say that 主题 boasts irreplaceable value / poses irretrievable(无法逆转的) harm to the development and harmony of the nation / the education of the next generation / environment and ecological balance(环境与生态平衡) / cultural diversity and prosperity(文化的多元与繁荣), so it is no wonder universally(=unanimously一致) acknowledged as a gem(珠玉) / poison / epidemic(流行病) of modern sociery.


  1. That’s why we cannot afford to omit this phenomenon.
  2. sb. make sense in saying that ...


From the previous discussion we can safely(万无一失的) come to the conclusion that 主题 is a blessing(福) / curse(祸) in more ways than one. It is high time(是时候做某事了) we cultivated(培养) a better awareness of it and channeled(引导) actions in the light of concrete circumstances(实事求是地展开行动). Bearing the previous points in mind(牢记于心), we can embrace a brighter future(营造一个光辉的未来),



  • 图标可总称为 graph


  1. 引入:描述——(破题)
  2. 主体:主题——三条——结论
  3. 同漫画


  • 增加:increase, go up, incline(缓慢增加), 暴增:rocket, soar, explode
  • 减少:decrease, go down, decline, 暴跌:plunge, dwindle, shrink, sink
  • 不变:remain stable, level out(或off), remain unchanged, remain fixed
  • 波动:fluctuate, there were ipps and downs
  • 转向:the trend reversed
  • 变速:speed up, slow down; acceletare, decelerate
  • 变化程度:
    • 大:dramatically
    • 中:considerably
    • 小:marginally



  • 可能描述的是变化和对比
  • bar chart 柱状图
  • curve 曲线图


As is illustrated(=demonstrated) in the graph, A 变量 (1)


  • 增加: (过去式) from 数值1 to 数值2 during the span of xx years / from 1998 to 2008.
  • 减少: (过去式) 同上
  • 不变: stayed at 数值. Then the trend reversed / it picked up speed, finishing at 数值 at 时间.

As is graphically illustrated in the bar chart , domestic cars increased from 25% to about 30%. On the controry, Japanese cars has dwindled from 35% to 25% in Chinese market. What’s more, the American brand remained stable at 15%.

As is graphically illustrated in the bar chart, the percentage of democratic cars in China’s automobile market increased considerably from 25% to 35 around(=some=appoximately=roughly) 33% during the twelve months from 2008 to 2009. On the contrary, the proportion of Japanese brands dropped from 35% to 25%. During the same time, the percentage of American cars remained stable at approximately 15%.

As is pespicuously demonstrated in the bar chart senior students with part-time jobs accounted for 88.24% of the forth grade, which is the highest proportion of all groups. It is followed by that of juniors at 71.93%, and sophomores, 71.33%. Within expectation, the lowest proportion occurred in freshman at 67.77%.



  • 描述的比例
  • pie chart 饼状图
  • table 表格


As is illustrated in the graph, A变量 accounted(=demonstrated) for the highest proportion of 图标主题 at x%, followed by B变量 at y%, and C, z%.

As ... , enjoying scenery accounted for the highest proportion of purpose for traveling of students in a university.

As is perspicuously demonstrated in the pie chart, enjoying beautiful scenery accounted for(=make up=constitude) the highest proportion at 37% of all the students’ purpose for traveling in one university, followed by relieving pressure at 33%. Besides, making friends constituted 15%, and cultivatingindependent ability, 9%.


  • Actually / undoubtedly, the chart depicts a prevalent phenomenon / heated topic, namely(即), 主题.



  • Several factors, to my way of thinking, can be easily found to account for the phenomenon among which I would like to name three most significant ones as follows.


At the first place, there is no denying that the erer-accelerating pace of our life and the improvement of our living standards have come to characterize(塑造) one's working / living / learning habit, which in turn led to the marked change of(重大的变化) / diversified stance(不同的立场) on 主题.


Moreover, that numermous individuals have been blessed with(很多人被保佑拥有) concrete / academic / physical benefits from 主题 also conduced to(导致) the trend / situation.


Still, what cannot be neglected is that the government incentives(政府的推动作用) / pressure from all sides(来自各方面的压力) / eagerness to try new things(想尝试新事物的渴望) served as a momentous driving force(作为一个重大的推动力) of it.


As it is a miniature(缩影) of life in this day and age, we can by no means afford to omit it.



From the previous discussin we can safely come to the conclusion that (current trend / the multiple choices / diverse considerations) of 主题 will continue to influence all aspects of our life / study / work in the long run,


It is high time we clutivated a better awareness of it and channeled actions in the light of concrete facts.Bearing the previous points in my mind, we can enjoy our life happily and meaningfully / come to the best decisions within no time.